Up Close and Personal - Rubbing Elbows

Tyler ChristopherRubbing ELBOWS

When it comes to showing his appreciation for those who apprepciate him, Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) is at the top of his game. 

Once a year, before his Los Angeles fundraiser for his theater compnay, 68 Cent Crew, he has a meet and greet with members of his fan club at a local hot spot.  This year, there was a hitch that could have resulted in a lot of disappointed people.  Christopher was having some work done on his arm (the one that left a massive vertical scar running down from the shoulder), but he vowed not to miss out on spending some time with his fans. 

Sure enough, they were all gathered when they got a call from him  saying, "I'm done and I"m on my way."  He walked in, sat down and immediately started chatting it up.  "It was such a wonderful dinner," said one very happy person.  "Tyler made it very special for each and every person there.  He sincerely cares about his fans and has no problem showing it."

Source:  Soaps In Depth  --  November 7, 2006

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