April 22, 1999 Chat Transcript

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Tyler was in the chatroom typing his own answers.

Hello everyone welcome to the Tyler chatSheri: Welcome Tyler

ty:hello everyone
Sheri: you ready ty
Sheri: Tyler I'm going to start the question for a member who couldn't make it
Sheri: This is from Anita: Tyler, being that you were once in high school and not so long ago, what is your reaction on school violence/killing and teens who have access to guns? Do you feel it could be prevented in the future for example with what just happened in Colorado.
ty: I am ready!

ty: I don't feel that it can be prevented. They obviously had some sort of abandonment issues or abuse as children to act out the way they did.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Tyler had a very interesting answer but I lost some if it when I tried to cut and paste - I'm really sorry - if anyone at the chat can clarify this answer, please email me)

BamaJan: Hi, Tyler. :-) It's been rumored that you announced you were leaving GH when you contract was up in July. Is that true? What are you're plans?
ty: I never "announced" that I was leaving GH. That was a miss quote. I haven't made a definate decision yet.
ty:definite oops.

Lindsey: Tyler, you do an excellent job portraying Nikolas. I was wondering, if there were one thing that you could change about the character, what would it be?
ty: His clothes - he dresses like a nerd.

GapQTPie: Tyler you had some wonderful scenes between you, Laura and Leslie Lu. What's it like to be able to work with Genie Francis?
ty: It is inspiring on the highest level. She is an incredible actress.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Tyler, I met you at the SOD awards show this past Feb., and embarrased myself in front of you (which you probably do not remember) What has been your most embarrasing fan encounter?
ty: when I met you at the SOD awards
ty: just kidding

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Thanks! You went to shake my hand and I got nervous and handed you a pen to sign my program!
ty: I haven't had a scary fan experience yet. I have been very fortunate so far. I am sure that I have mine coming.

martin@keynet: What was the hardest scene for you to do in the Lucky's death episodes that are showing this week.? You are totally awesome.
ty: thank you. The scene with Liz in her bedroom It was difficult to be able to take care of her feelings and show Nikolas' grief at the same timeSheri: IloveLucky (traitor *G*) - your turn just kidding you.

ilovelucky: sorry! I love Nikolas too! Any romances planned for Nikolas in the near future besides Katherine? (like maybe Emily...*g*)
ty: ha haty: Emily has her own love interest coming on to the show sometime soon. As for me that all depends on my plans for the future.
ty: Maybe Lila.

Sheri: Tyler - lol

BridgeDays: Was it hard not bringing home the sadness of playing the scenes of the aftermath of Lucky's death?
ty: No actually for the first time in my career I was able to seperate myself from what is real and what isn't. It was very self satisfying though.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Hey Tyler! What actor/actress would you most like to costar in a movie with and why?
ty: I would really like to work with Jonathon some day. I think our connection on the show would carry over well in a movie.

Lynn: Hi, Tyler! :) I read that you have an interest in writing, and I was wondering what type of writing you like to do?
ty: Besides screenwriting I write inspirational poetry. I love it. It keeps me on the ground and keeps my mind and heart sharp.

mahome: When will you make a final decision on your GH contract?
ty: In the next few days.

Brandi: Hi Tyler! :-) who would you like to work with on GH that you haven't had a chance to work with yet?
ty: V. She has great range as an actress and I think we would have great chemistry. Plus she is really cute.

Denise: have you been on any more audtion or anything else you can talk about?ty:Yes I have. Alot of hopefuls but nothing a done deal yet.Denise: good luck in what ever you choose to do.
ty: thank you

GHfrisco: Michele here from Chicago....Have you ever done comedy and would you like to ? Unfortunately Nik doesn't get that chance too often.
ty:I would love to. Comedy is lots of fun and would be a great new challenge for me.

ty:say hi to chief here. He is not feeling well.

Kimberly: Woof!
Sheri: Hi Chief what's wrong?
annav: hi chief
Liz: Hi Chief LOL
AlliM_98: WOOF BUDDY!!
GapQTPie: Hi chief? lol who
ty: He hurt his leg at the dog parkLindsey: Hey Chief!
Candice: Hi chief ..lol
Danielle: Hi Chief LOL
Brandi: hi chief!

Janette and Lauren: Hi Tyler, How was your journey home from New York 2 weeks ago?? LOL If you do stay on GH what type of story line would you like Nikolas to have??
ty: what do you two want now. My trip home was much better

Janette & Lauren: You're funny !!ty: than the trip there. I'll say that.Janette & Lauren: Thats good :)
ty: I would love to do any storyline that goes out of what you would normally see on daytime. Something that is not so politically correct all the time. Something controversial.

Brandi: i have to go now bye everyone it was nice chatting with all of you!
ty: bye bye

Bye gotta go
ty: see ya

Liz: No question, I just want to thank Tyler for all of his beautiful work=-)
krazyme2: No Question.........Hi Tyler
krazyme2: sorry sheri had to do that
ty: love ya

Sheri: Krazy and her kisses - geesh - LOL

Deborah: Hi Tyler! Hugs from red eyes in Ontario Canada. Your performance this week has been outstanding. You said earlier that you have been out on auditions. Can you give us some indication if they were for movies or nightime TV?.
ty: Both. I have read for a few tv shows here and there but none that I found to be too outstsnding.You never

ty: know with tv if it is going to be good or not. As far as film I was going to do a film with
ty: I mean for ABC but was not able to work it out with GH.

Deborah: I would sure love to see you on the big screen !!

GapQTPie: I g2g I just wanted to say I hope you stay with GH Tyler, your a wonderful actor! Bye bye! :)

Deborah: Please tell Vanessa that I love her work on 90210 but sure do miss her on GH!ty: thank you
ty: ok

Lilac: Will you be involved in the Faison storyline? Its going to be a great storyline!!
ty: Yes I believe so. I don't know how though.

Kimberly: Last time i asked about 7-11 and basketball. This time I'd like to know if you had a day off other than relaxing at home where do you like to go? Just in case I want to become your first scary person to approach you :) I always like to be memorable:)ty:Just don't hurt me
ty: I have been golfing
Kimberly: lol no we have met b4
ty:almost every day in the past 2 weeks
Kimberly: valley?
ty:valley what?
Kimberly: in the valley do you golf?

Sheri: okay you two - LOL
Kimberly: LOL
ty: yes I do but I go all over LA
Kimberly: great :) thanks
ty: the valley is too hot
Kimberly: yes it is
ty: 100+

Leilani: Hi Tyler! This is Leilani from Oklahoma. First off, I just wanted to say how incredibly moved I have been by your performance! Literally! I haven't been able to stop crying through your scenes! My question is "How do you prepare for such emotional scenes as the ones shown this week?" "What's your secret to SUCCESS?!"
ty: I just trust myself and let the words control the emotion
ty: everyone is different
Leilani: Simple and to the point! I like that! :)
ty:but that is how I prepare

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Tyler, I am @ Nikolas' age and just lost my father to cancer a week before Christmas. I know the words weren't yours in the scenes with Laura/Liz but they hit home. I just wanted to thank you for the sincerity in your acting. Sorry I spoke out of turn. Take care.

Sher:i that's okay champ

ty: thank you
ty: the pleasure is all mine to be able to touch your heart

AlliM_98: Hi, this is Allison from Phoenix, Az and let me first say that I am a huge fan and you are a big inspiration to me, I wish I had the opportunity to meet you, but anyway.(What's your handicap in golf I love the game myself) I'm never very good at asking questions but I'll give it a go. How's the house and the dogs and cat and where do you see yourself personally in the next few years?Tell Vanessa (How is she doing Btw) I said Hi!! and I'll see her in August!!
AlliM_98: Sorry it's so long I'm nervous
ty: my handicap is 15 right now but I am working on that
AlliM_98: that is so wierd mines a 15 as well
ty: The house is almost done thank god and my dog has a limp
ty: I'll tell Vanessa you said hello
AlliM_98: thank you for being an inspiration to me
ty: your welcome

mimi: Tyler wonderful work this week...Do you think that Nik and Luke will grow closer in the future, Also did Nik actually kick Stefan out of the Spencer house that scene was never shown? Thanks!!
ty: yes he did. I wasn't aware that they cut that scene
mimi: Yes they did. We missed it all
ty: hmm
ty: about Luke. I don't see them getting closer but I do see them tolerating each other.

Liz: Maybe because they did the exrta long recap
mimi: Could you bootleg the scene LOL
Sheri: okay I skipped Candice and she's having a fit - LOL - go ahead

Candice: "Hello Hello TAILOR" whoops Tyler...Just wondering if you have been to Vermont lately? Oh and Todd can't get into the chat so he told me to tell you that you're a pud? My real Q is Mary want's to know what cologne you were wearing last weekend in VA...petruly? or however ya spell it? AM NOT HAVING A FIT =P
ty: He needs to get a real computer
Candice: lol
Candice: sheri...he said this chat screwed up his puter...
ty: It is pachuli. I think
Candice: thank ya...everyone just wants to smell like ya now =)
ty: No it's just a piece of shit

krazyme2: lol

Fallon(roseshaya@aol: Tyler First i want to say U r just such a terrific actor> And realllllly reallly HOT!! hehehe >I had to say that lol>>>> I wanted to know how did u first feel when u first came on GH>did u have any embarasing moments lol>> And I am trying to become an actress so if u have any helpfull hints :)>> Ohh and thanks for taking the time to chat with us the fans :)
ty:I was really nervous and insecure but I was so grateful to finally be working and doing my craft.
ty: helpful hints- do something everyday that has to do with acting something , anything, everyday. read a play, take a class--anything
ty: you WILL learn
Fallon(roseshaya@aol Thanks so much Tyler :) luv ya (KISS) :)
ty: see ya
Fallon(roseshaya@aol: Well Gtg thanks again for your time cya

shelly: Tyler - first let me congratulate you on the terrific job you have done this week - keep up the good work. Has there been a different atmosphere on the set for you and Becky now that Jonathan has left?
ty:It's just lonlier. Jonathon was a great asset to the show.

Dominiqua: Hi, Tyler! Dominiqua here! :-) I saw you in Loot and thought you were great!! Any chance of more stage work?? In Los Angeles??? Pretty Please??? With strawberries and cherries on top??? And a doggie treat and a leg brace for Chief, too?? & & {{hug}}
shelly: We all miss him.
ty:me too
Sheri: tyler did you get Dominiqua's questionty:noDominiqua: Tyler!! :(
ty: waitty: sorry
ty:I didn't see it

Dominiqua: ok. whew! You're forgiven. :)

ty: I'll do it for you.
ty: a leg brace for chiefty: how's that
Dominiqua: that's cool. LOL
ty: I would love to do broadway someday. I love the theatre.

Theresa:Hi Tyler-first off your doing a great job on the show. Now my question- It was great meeting you on Saturday. And since Candice asked my question I don't have one now. So I'll just say thanks for taking that extra time with me and my sister Mary. See ya in July!!! And Mary says HI too.
Candice: whoops...
Theresa: yeah thanks Candice
ty: hey yall
Theresa: HI
ty: and thanks.
ty: Hi T

Ok I've been flipping out cuz I can't think of a question to ask LOL but I just wanted to say your a wonderful actor and the members of my SJC club wanted to say hi (especially Jenni, Jess, ash, clo and shannon) and we all want to know if Nik is gonna stay with Katherine or find someone new
ty: probably find someone new
Deborah: Sheri can I ask 1 more quick ?
Sheri: Deb - Tyler really needs to go and Anna's next

Hi Tyler! Just wanted to say your doing great work an
d do you plan on making any appearances in Las Vegas any time soon?
ty: go aheadty: No Vegas trips for me soon

Sheri: Deb - tyler said okay *G*

Deborah: I read somewhere that your house was going to be featured in a magazine! Is this true and if so which one?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Tyler, from one guy to another, thanks for keeping it real!

ty: It was but it wasn't finished in time so we couldn't do it

Deborah: okay thanks luv ya!!

Sheri: Tyler -- do you have a question for your fans before you goty: No I Just want to say thanks to all of you for watching me the past three years

ty: No matter what I decide I will always remember my fans who believed in me.

Janette & Lauren: No, Thank You ! ( DENISE ) *G*
Deborah: visit Ontario CANADA SOON WE LOVE YOU!!!
Dominiqua: Thank you, Tyler!!! :-)
Kimberly: I hope Cheif feels better and has learned to leave the bottoms of the furniture alone
Candice: Awee... Tyler's making me cry again....
TIFFANY i love you and please stay on gh
ty: I Love you all This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Thanks for being an inspiration to us!
Leilani: IT'S BEEN A PLEASURE! You are truly talented! Love ya Tyler! :)
annav@lv: Thank you Tyler
Lynn: That's so nice!!! :)
Denise: Now remember not to get into a limo unless they have the keys to the trunk or put your bags up front
mimi: Thanks Tyler
Theresa:He's making me cry too
Michelle: come to Boston! LOL :P
mahome: Thank You!!!
Lindsey: bye Tyler!
Kimberly: thanks Tyler
shelly: Thank you! We all love you
Deborah: nite Tyler
Liz: Thank you Tyler=-)
ilovelucky: We love you Tyler! Come visit OHIO!
Liz: Goodnight
krazyme2: night tyler
ty: See some of you in July!!!!!!!Michelle: Nite tyler!
Dominiqua See ya then!!!! :-)
ty: Bye ByeTheresa: goodnite tyler
Denise: Cn't wait
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Peace Tyler
Janette & Lauren: You sure will LOL!!!
ty: NiteTHE END
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